Milani Cosmetics Haul

Milani cosmetics

Happy New Year lovelies. Today is 5th day of 365 days, we’ve got our goals set for the New Year. No matter what your plans to your goals or dreams are; do not forget to love yourself more, be courageous, consistent and confident.

My holiday looks courtesy Milani Cosmetics has been my go-to for my makeup because it’s affordable and makes me stick to my budget. I did a Christmas haul on makeup, with the prices of other makeup brands escalated, I’m pleased to continue with Milani Cosmetics. Apart from prices of products. Milani Cosmetics released new products that favours makeup trend. A few products I picked up and I’m pleased to say it was worth buying.


Prime Shield

This primer is an oil free,  mattifying primer that has a velvety feel and takes care of visible pores. So far, it has not caused breakout.

Bigger Lashes Mascara 

This mascara has a combing conical brush that gives length and volume. I find it to also be more on the falsies -looking side as I am someone who likes quite a lot of volume and dramatic effect when it comes to my lashes.

Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses

This lip glosses has an extremely high shine and non-sticky finish. This was perfect for the festive season. I would wear single coated for a simple look or multiple coated to give achieve that awesome shine.

Have you tried Milani Cosmetics?  What are your faves?

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